Harper Trucks 6781 800-Pound Capacity Appliance Dolly Review

Harper Trucks 6781 800-Pound Capacity Appliance Dolly Review

Harper Trucks 6781 800-Pound Capacity Appliance Dolly

The Harper Trucks 6781 800-Pound Appliance Dolly is an appliance dolly that will help you get your fridge, your stove and all your heavy appliances from one place to another in no time. With great features and an affordable price, this appliance dolly is a useful item to have around.

Key Features

  • It has an 800-pound capacity
  • It features a ¾-inch axle for additional strength
  • It is made out of raw materials for maximum strength and service
  • It features an offset tightener with 2-piece poly belts
  • It has a non-making vinyl face for appliance protection
  • It is designed with a glass filled belted stair climber
  • It features 14 gauge tubular steel frames

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Having great features, there’s no wonder why the Harper Trucks 6781 800-Pound Capacity Appliance Dolly is a practical buy. With an affordable price and a quality design, this appliance dolly does not only come in handy whenever you want to move heavy appliances, but also when you require an industry accepted standard dolly.

One of the greatest features of this appliance dolly lies in its capacity. With an 800-pound capacity, you can be certain that you will be able to move large household appliances without too much effort. In case you require additional strength, the dolly features a ¾-inch axle. Thus, there is practically no household appliance that you won’t be able to move with the help of this dolly.

Another great thing about this appliance dolly is its design. Made out of raw materials, the manufacturing and finishing methods were combined to provide the appliance dolly with maximum strength and service. For restraining the carried item, the appliance dolly features an offset tightener with 2-piece poly belt. Moreover, the non-making vinyl facing protects the appliances.Harper Trucks 6781 800-Pound Capacity Appliance DollyFor ease of movement up and down stairs, this appliance dolly is designed with a glass filled belted stair climber. To add, thanks to the 14 gauge tubular steel frame the dolly provides strength and restraint.


The appliance dolly has great features like the offset tightener with 2-piece poly belts and the glass filled belted stair climber.


Some complained that the tires of the appliance dolly are too small for major moving.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to its great features, the Harper Trucks 6781 Appliance Dolly has gained many positive reviews from its users. They are content with how perfectly the appliance dolly worked for them. Some even comment on the belted stair climbers that helped them eliminate the stair problems.

“Tremendous tool and moving advantage. At first my son made fun of me when he arrived to help me move to a new city. His tone changed about 20 minutes into the work when it came time to move a HEAVY piece of bedroom furniture!!!

I had lots of volunteer help and I wanted the move to be as SAFE and easy as possible for them. I wanted to minimize any risk of injury to these strong, athletic (testosterone filled) young men. This is one great tool. It was cause for jokes and laughter at first, but now I’m getting requests to borrow it.”

Mike, Amazon Customer Review

“Need I say more? A great product made in the United States Of America. Had a breakdown and new parts were sent out the next day at no cost to me. Thanks!!”

Jeff Pettit, Amazon Customer Review

“Sturdy, well built and the stair climbers work well. I’ve used it to move three heavy steel cabinets down 14 steps and around a landing area. It made the work simpler, easier, and safer.”

Velocity, Amazon Customer Review

The Harper Trucks 6781 has been reviewed by 31 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon


All in all, the Harper Trucks 6781 800-Pound Capacity Appliance Dolly has the design and the features that one needs when searching an appliance dolly. I highly recommend this item if you are looking for something that can help you move heavy appliances without too much hassle, especially when it comes to climbing stairs.

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