Roughneck Industrial Appliance Truck 1200-Lb. Capacity Review

The Roughneck Industrial Appliance Truck – 1,200-Lb. Capacity

Roughneck Industrial Appliance Truck - 1,200-Lb. Capacity

Key Features

  • Robust steel construction
  • Powder-coated finish for extra strength
  • Rubber-coated frame helps protect the load from damage
  • Rolls on two 8 inch aluminum-center rubberized wheels
  • Comes with Two retractable 4in. poly casters to support bulky and heavier loads
  • An auto-rewind ratchet belt for secure tightening of load to dolly

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This Roughneck Industrial Appliance Truck is perfect for transporting vending machines, appliances, safes, furniture and other large, bulky items. Featuring a set off kickback swivel wheels for support, easily converts to a 4-wheel truck.

It has ratcheting straps (a must have also) that are also spring loaded and are great for securing cargo. When you undo the straps they will rewind by them selves since it has a spring return.

Roughneck Industrial Appliance Truck - 1,200-Lb. CapacityCustomer Reviews

Used to move a gun safe successfully. also used for furniture and the fridge.. best price when I got it.”

Ed Z, Amazon Customer Review

“Tough. I helped a friend move a 900lb safe with this. We completely abused the dolly. Ended up just laying the safe on top of the dolly on the trailer and drove across town. No damage to the dolly at all. Worked like a champ”

Engineer, Amazon Customer Review

This cart was recommended to me by a few other people. The main reason I bought this cart was for the kick back wheels. The first day that I used this cart was to move a 880 pound gun safe. The kick back wheels work great hold the weight of the safe when you tilt the cart back to move the safe.

You don’t have to worry about holding up all that weight with the kick back wheels. Another nice thing about this cart it has racheting straps (a must have also) that are also spring loaded. When you undo the straps they will rewind by them selves since it has a spring return. I could not find any other appliance cart that has these kick back wheels for under $200.

This appliance cart is rated for 1200 pounds. This cart is way better than the 600 pound rated appliance cart I used to have from harbor freight that did not have the ratcheting straps or the kick back wheels. Well worth the extra money if you are moving heavy items. Northern Tool also sells the same cart if you have a store close by to save on shipping.

BKilla, Amazon Customer Review

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Where to Buy

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